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Qualifications & Training:

  • Diploma 200 hours Yoga teacher training: Friends of Yoga Society International, completed July 2017.

  • Diploma 100 hours Hatha Yoga Studies Foundation Course: Friends of Yoga Society International, completed August 2016.

  • Active IQ Level 3 Diploma In Fitness Instructing and Personal Training: Premier Training International. 6-week intensive course completed 1st March 2016.

  • BTEC Level 3 Award in Education and Training: Bournville College.  July 2015.

  • MOSAIC Voluntary Mentor (Positive Female Role Model) for The Prince’s Trust, 2013/2014. 

  • Psychologically Informed Environments (PIE) training 2014.  Young Mental Health Team, NHS.

  • ABC Introduction to Counselling Skills. Bournville College 2012.


  • Referral for Exercise: Future Fit Training, under completion.  

  • Covid-19 Rehabilitation course: Future Fit Training completed September 2021.

  • Yoga for Perimenopause & Menopause: Yoga Mama with Cherie Lathey completed March 2021.

  • Anatomy & Physiology refresher course Shoulder Complex: Friends of Yoga International with Aimee Newton, completed March 2021.

  • Anatomy & Physiology refresher course Pelvis: Friends of Yoga International with Aimee Newton, completed February 2021.

  • Asana Deconstruction: Friends of Yoga International Aimee Newton, completed January 2021.

  • Anatomy & Physiology refresher course Bone Density: Friends of Yoga International with Aimee Newton, completed December 2020.

  • Winter Solstice Friends of Yoga International with Tamasine Hood

  • Anatomy & Physiology refresher courses Diaphragm; Sciatica; Hips; Yoga Ergonomics: Friends of Yoga International with Aimee Newton, completed October 2020.

  • 50 hours Pregnancy Yoga Teacher training: White Space Studio with Dawn Wright, completed in October 2019.

  • Emergency First Aid at Work: St John's Ambulance completed 11th July 2019.

  • Yoga Vinyasa: YMCA Fit, completed February 2019.

I first discovered Yoga out in the stunning Canadian Rocky mountains in 2004.  A year later I returned to England and began attending both Hatha and Ashtanga classes so regularly, that before I knew it, not only was my practice improving, but also my life.  As I practised continuously, my attitude towards myself gained a warrior spirit and I began going for things I wouldn't have before, like changing my career; taking up new interests; and committing to my health and well being.  Yoga gives me energy, virtue, resilience and enables me to know me; a considered life.


I completed a Yoga Teachers Training course in 2017 through the School of Yoga, Friends of Yoga International.  I currently teach Hatha Yoga publicly and privately, online and in person.   


My style of teaching is down to earth and personable.  I provide a safe environment and see Yoga as both physical and emotional therapy. I get to know all my students and their individual needs. I have an in-depth understanding of anatomy and physiology having trained in and qualified as a level 3 Personal Trainer.  I have a keen interest in the ever-evolving Yoga practice, always researching and exploring the effects of Yoga.  I provide guidance and direction as well as golden moments of silence giving you space to be, listen to your body and breathing. 







"Becky is a brilliant teacher.  In fact the best that I have been to.  Emphasis on breathing and her knowledge of anatomy and physiology is excellent.  Everyone is encouraged to go at their own pace" (Client Review LG 2017)

"Rebecca is the most positive and encouraging person I think I have ever met.  She is perfect for leading a class of novices as she always makes you feel good about yourself."  (Client Review BC 2017)





I continually grow and develop in my own practice and have been taught by some fantastic teachers along the way.  What I love about teaching Yoga is that I learn every day something new through my students.  There is a great sense of unspoken understanding within a class that everyone comes to their mat with their own lives outside of it.  But the time spent in the Yoga practice, during that dedicated time to yourself, connects you to a sense of what everyone else is feeling: invigorated, calm and blissed out! 


 Yoga art, the Mandala


I find these pictures really enjoyable to create; it's easy to lose myself in time! 

   "The very talented artist and yoga teacher, Becky, has just finished this piece of work. I commissioned.. She took my bad sketch and turned it into something beautiful.. If u have an idea might be worth asking her about it.. She's given this so much time and is reasonably priced!" (Client Review.  Commissioned Lotus piece 2018)

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