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Yoga offers an effective, uniquely holistic technique that will help you maximise your health and well-being throughout pregnancy and beyond.

Yoga is an awareness of the link between breath, mind and body.  The connection benefits physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being at all stages in life, and very noticeably during pregnancy!


6pm to 7:15pm 

In studio (8 max) and Online: Block bookings and pay as you go options. BOOK 

Yoga Borne, 1406-1408 Pershore Rd, Stirchley, Birmingham

B30 2PH


Get in touch with me directly to discuss your needs.

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Meet Emily, the Founder of Yoga Borne where I teach these classes.  

Emily has also been attending!  She has kindly modelled some of the postures we practice to give you an idea of what to expect.

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“Becky’s pregnancy classes have been such a treat throughout my pregnancy. It’s been great to be able to have an evening to myself and connect with my baby in such a relaxing and welcoming environment. 


During the class we learn how to transition safely from one position to another; we explore how breath can help you become more accepting of sensations in the body and practice our pelvic floor exercises. 


Becky explains everything really clearly and is a fountain of knowledge; she’ll adapt the class depending on how we feel and if we ask a question about something she’ll happily explore a topic or idea in more detail. As a student in her class I always feel like I can speak up and she will make the class suitable for you; rather than rigidly sticking to a script!


As someone who practised regularly before becoming pregnant this class has actually done wonders for my yoga journey… I’ve learned how to be kinder to my body; and internalise a lot more. My practice has become more about my mind and breath rather than the physical postures. Given my body has been changing so quickly and so drastically throughout pregnancy this has been a wonderful revelation… and it’s given me some peace of mind and freedom to explore my yoga through a different (and sometimes deeper) lens. 


Thanks Becky for your guidance! It’s been wonderful so far :)”

LOGO 2020.1.jpg
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