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Hatha Yoga

Involves physical postures (asana/yoga poses) and breathing techniques (pranayama). These are typically practised more slowly and with more static holds than a Vinyasa flow or Ashtanga class.

Great for all, but particularly beginners, peri/menopause, and anyone who wants the opportunity to settle into static held poses to explore more deeply each yoga pose.  Learning to breathe well, using particular techniques helps you to relax into the practice, ease away tension, and to feel your body strengthen and lengthen, stretching deeper on each exhale!

In-between static held poses, there are short Vinyasas (flows of movements) to keep you limbered and warm.

Classes are for 1 hour, typically a 15 minute warm-up, followed by the main body of the practice, and ending with around 10 minutes relaxation.

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