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Available in person and online.



Choose a time that suits the business; either an early morning invigorating session; a mid-afternoon pick me up or meditation or a session at the end of the working day.  This is a great way to unwind, release tension and create a calm state of being before heading home.

Yoga sessions for employees either working from home, at the workplace or special events really shows a commitment to their well-being.

“Rebecca is a great yoga teacher for people at any level. She is patient, friendly and knowledgeable and makes sure that everyone is comfortable with what they’re doing. For many of us, it was a completely new experience, and we all left our 30 min sessions feeling relaxed and refreshed.” 

(Eiffage Kier 2019)

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It may be your wish to have the privacy of an intimate few, a regular group is a great way to bond creating and maintaining a supportive network that is truly special.


It may be your group has a collective specialist requirement such as visual impairment, or limited mobility.  Maybe you're an education provider who'd like to provide a way for students to cope with the stresses of their course.  Or it may be a one-off taster session just for fun, this list is not exhaustive!  Whatever the reasons, I am experienced in meeting the needs of private group requirements.


Available online or in person.

"Becks is an excellent teacher, warm and friendly yet still professional and well informed about yoga and meditation. She makes you feel safe and comfortable and able to achieve what she asks of you, whether you are a beginner just starting out or someone who has practised yoga for years." 

(Client Review KT 2017)

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Tailor-made yoga sessions to suit your needs and guidance in discovering differing styles of yoga that you really connect with.  Elements of Personal Training can also be infused into your practice, including weight training and cardio work outs. 

Sessions can be held in your home, online or at another appropriate venue, get in touch to discuss options.


"Big thanks to Rebecca for coaching us through our training sessions. She really turned our fitness around with weekly balanced sessions of HiiT, weights and yoga. We are now healthier and fitter.  I would highly recommend her for a life changing experience."  

(Private Client Pair 2018)

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