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Your privacy is important.  I will only collect personal information as volunteered by you via: sign in sheets at public classes - This may include your name, e-mail address and contact telephone number.  Private clients voluntarily complete Participation to Exercise Questionnaires (a series of questions relating to health and fitness).  The information provided is kept in a locked electronic file. Information is only kept for as long as necessary i.e., continued service, once this ends, your file is deleted.   

If you have any questions or comments about my privacy practice please, contact me. 


I ensure I work with all personal data in line with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Who am I?

Rebecca Bonnet, Yoga Instructor: 0758 467 1196.  As a sole trader, I am the sole controller of the data I collect for the purposes of Hatha Yoga with Rebecca to contact you with any relevant information regarding public classes and public events, or private session that I run, specific to Hatha Yoga with Rebecca.

What information do we collect?

The types of personal information I collect include; names, email addresses, contact numbers.  Private clients additionally add next of kin and PAR-Q health and fitness assessment prior to engaging in exercise. 

  • I collect data when you decide to purchase one of my services and in a way you prefer.  This can be face to face on a hand written document, electronically via email or by telephone.  Telephone conversations are not recorded.  This is voluntary by you and you decide what or how much information to give me for the purposes of Hatha Yoga with Rebecca.

  • I collect the following data for each method: Public class sign in sheet: Name, date of attendance and contact details including email address and or contact number.  This is voluntary by you.  Information is transferred to electronic locked files and paper copies are destroyed via shredding. 

  • Personal and sensitive data you choose to provide me is only handled by me and is kept in secure locked electronic files.  This may be contact details; health and fitness details.    


How do I use personal information?

I use the data you give me to: monitor class numbers; let you know about any timetable changes and any events, all to do with Hatha Yoga with Rebecca.  You voluntarily provide me with your preferred method of contact, of which I adhere to and at any time you can tell me you no longer want to receive information from me; Hatha Yoga with Rebecca will stop sending you information immediately.  PAR-Q forms help me to research common traits such as back aches, stress, or other ailments.  This helps me prepare for future events i.e., specific workshops to address common issues.  I welcome feedback from clients and you are able to contact me via email or telephone and you can leave reviews on the internet.   


What legal basis do I have for processing your personal data?

As a sole trader I operate on a small business scale.  I have no employees, there is only me who has information you choose to provide.  You consent to me contacting you with Hatha Yoga with Rebecca relevant information by providing me your details to contact you, and your preferred method of contact.  Private clients understand that in order to create a bespoke service, it helps to let me know any information they think is relevant.  This is helped by completing PAQ-Q form.  Next of kin information would only be used in the case of emergency; hospitalisation or death.  You understand this and would only provide me details of someone you know and trust, by giving me these details; you consent to me contacting your next of kin for the reasons mentioned. 


When do I share personal data?

I treat personal data confidentially, it may only be disclosed if there was a legal obligation to do so.  For the purposes of Safeguarding, information may be disclosed if you pose legitimate public concern, are a risk / threat to yourself or others.   In the case of disclosure third parties would be legal bodies in the interest of the public and or you.   


Where do I store and process personal data?

Personal data you decide to provide me will be kept solely by me; paper sheets are kept in a locked file and only for the necessary time required, papers are destroyed via shredding.  Electronic private information is stored in locked electronic files and is only kept for the necessary time required.  Electronic files are delated once they are no longer relevant.


How long do I keep your personal data for?

I retain data for no longer than reasonably necessary.  This is for the time you require my services.  If you end receiving my services, I will delete / destroy any information I have for you.  You can request that I continue to send you Hatha Yoga with Rebecca relevant information via your preferred method of contact in case you wish to attend any future classes or events.


Your rights in relation to personal data

Knowing your rights

You are entitled to request the following from Hatha Yoga with Rebecca, these are called Data Subject Rights and there is more information on these on the ICO website. 

  • The right to request a copy of personal information held about you;

  • The right to request that inaccuracies are corrected;

  • The right to request us to stop processing your personal data;

  • The right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office;

  • The right to have your data erased.

How to contact me?

  • You can get in touch if you have questions or concerns about your privacy practices, or your personal information.  You can contact me by email:

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